L’elan Vital White Evolution Serum

Illuminate Your Complexion

Make your complexion glow with youthful vibrancy this festive season with the L’élan Vital White Evolution Serum. This potent skin whitening serum is rich in peptide complex and plant extracts that work synergistically to visibly brighten and lighten the complexion from within. Helps correct a sallow complexion and improve skin elasticity and firmness to eliminate signs of ageing.

K’zanah Hijab Syampu

Keep Your Tresses Fresh & Sweet-Smelling

Keep your tresses smelling and feeling fresh throughout the day with the K’zanah Hijab Syampu. This multi-action treatment shampoo is specially formulated with a blend of precious plant extracts like Black Cumin, Fenugreek and Aloe Vera that work deep to help prevent hair loss, nourish hair and scalp and also restore mirror-like shine to your hair. Leaves hair smelling minty fresh too!

Miyami Compact Powder & Lipsticks


Picture-Perfect Complexion and Gorgeous Lips

Set your make-up and say goodbye to oily skin with the Miyami Compact Powder, a light and fine powder that’s designed to do just that. Its super fine texture helps to keep skin matte and comfortable. Just dab on for a silky-smooth, poreless-looking finish that lasts for hours. Ideal for all skin tones.

Complement your flawless complexion with the Miyami Lipsticks. These hydrating, satin-smooth lipsticks glide on like a dream on lips for a look that stays true for hours. Enriched with Vitamin E for lip nourishment and comfort. Comes in 6 attractive colours for a look that’s uniquely you!

L’elan Vital Bed of Roses Eau de Parfum & Moisturising Body Lotion

Be Enthralled!

Heighten your feminine mystique and sophistication with the scent inspired by the elegant Rose. The L’elan Vital Bed of Roses Eau de Parfum envelops your senses with bright and airy jasmine, magnolia and mysterious violet and warms to a sheer tone of amber, musk and cedar. Intensify the experience by slathering your body with the Bed of Roses Moisturising Body Lotion. This smooth and luxurious lotion is delicately scented with its exotic namesake fragrance. A plethora of nature’s bounty like the much sought-after Rose Centifolia Flower extract and Apricot Kernel Oil saturate this lotion to leave behind perfectly hydrated and smooth skin. This luxe lotion and parfum come all “dressed-up” in curvaceous tube and bottle that you’ll want to hold every time.

Ecomax Concentrated Fabric Softener

Hugs of Comfort!

Envelop your clothes and fabrics with the Ecomax Fabric Softener. Its superior softening agents penetrate deeply into the fabric fibers to give you super fluffy and super comfy clothes. This biodegradable, vegetable-oil derived formula freshens, softens and protects fabric and leave them with a pleasing floral scent too. Anti-bacterial agents help to remove nasty whiffs away with ease. Ideal for towels, nappies, apparel that need that extra bit of love!

Press-To-Seal Airtight Borosilicate Glass Container Set 

Store & Stack In Festive Style!

Store and stack kitchen staples, food items, leftovers and more with the BPA-free, non-toxic, press-to-seal Airtight Borosilicate Glass Container Set. Take your food from the freezer to the microwave safely and there’s no need to defrost or thaw it out beforehand as they are resistant to thermal shock. If storage space is a concern, nest several containers together to save pantry, countertop and fridge space minimize clutter. Having a party? No problem! Prepare party-favourites ahead of time and even store post-party leftovers! Pack your lunch in them too! This set comes in four differently-sized glassware.

Mildura Dried Pomelo Peel & Dried Guava

Mouth-Wateringly Delish!

If you like your snack super-delicious, yet less sinful, then the Mildura Dried Pomelo Peel and Mildura Dried Guava may be just what you are looking for! Made from premium, sun-ripened Thai honey pomelos and guava, these snacks are filled to the brim with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals, and they are ideal for a healthy, zingy, pick-me-up especially during the 3pm slump! No artificial sweeteners, colouring substances and preservatives.