CasaHana Pineapple Rolls

Rolls of Sweet Delight

Bite into a sweet treat! Filled with a traditional pineapple filling and baked to golden perfection, the CasaHana Pineapple Rolls are just the treat for this festive season. The scrumptious filling is the right balance between sweet, a little tartness and lots of deliciousness! Pop one..or two as once you start, there’s no stopping!

L’elan Vital Bed of Roses Moisturising Body Lotion

Leave Behind a Lasting, Lingering Impression

Caress your skin with an utterly seductive perfumed moisturising body lotion. The Bed of Roses Moisturising Body Lotion is a smooth and luxurious creation delicately scented with its exotic namesake fragrance. A plethora of nature’s bounty like the much sought-after Rose Centifolia Flower extract, Apricot Kernel Oil and more, saturate this lotion to leave behind perfectly hydrated and smooth skin. This luxe lotion comes all “dressed-up” in a curvaceous tube that you’ll want to hold every time. To intensify your experience, use with the Bed of Roses Eau De Parfum.

Kee Heong Honeycomb Cookies Puffed Rice

Feel-good Tasty Treat

Be pleasantly surprised! When you are feeling “peckish”, reach out for the Kee Heong Honey Comb Cookies Puffed Rice to satiate those pangs. These sweet cookies are also crispy and fragrant. Perfect for a snack or a lighter option for lunch. Individually-packed to ensure freshness. Pop one or more in your bag for a sweet treat on the go. Ideal for the festive season or anytime you crave some “sugary” love.