Corporate Social Responsibility

“Let’s Spread Love” CNY Gotong-Royong at Joy Garden Semenyih Old Folks Home

Date: 27th January 2018

In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, Cosway organised a charity visit at the Joy Garden Semenyih Old Folks Home, with the theme “Let’s Spread Love” CNY Gotong Royong 2018.

The ‘gotong royong’ headed by Cosway’s Executive Director, Dr Alice Lee, along with 60 staff started at 9.00am with cleaning the foyer and the rooms, installing new lightings, gardening, landscaping and fence repair.  Shelves were also installed in one of the rooms, turning it into a storage and display room.


Home decoration with beautiful Chinese New Year decorations, while the senior citizens were also treated to a day of a relaxing foot spa and delicious food.


The residents of the home also received free health checks and medical consultations from ADCAS Lifescience Sdn Bhd, a wellness clinic of advanced personalised health, and an associate of the Berjaya Group. It was then followed by live music performances and songs sang to the senior citizens.


Overall, the ‘gotong royong’ visit brought cheer to the senior citizens while instilling in the Cosway staff the need to be conscious and sensitive towards needy  members of society who would highly appreciate the extra care, attention and love.

Ampang Old Folks Home Festive Cheer Visit

Date: 16th December 2017

In conjunction with Cosway’s 38th anniversary celebration, more than 60 management and staff brought festive cheer  and joy to 50 residents of Ampang Old Folks Home on 16th December 2017. Also present  were Dr Alice Lee, Executive Director of Cosway, Ms Liang Sook Sook, Chief Executive Officer of Cosway and Danni Rais, Executive Advisor of Rasa Utara.

Accompanied by live band, staff performed various dances and songs for the residents. Besides the fun-filled entertainment, the residents were also treated to a refreshing and relaxing foot spa as well as free health check and medical consultation by the team from ADACAS LifeScience Sdn Bhd.

To further put smiles to their faces, the staff also brought along personalised individual gifts for each resident. The residents were also given goodie bags, angpows, mandarin oranges and lunch meals courtesy of Rasa Utara.

Established in 1948, the Ampang Old Folks Home in Ampang New Village provides free shelter and care to destitute senior citizens aged 60 years and above, who do not have children or families.

The live band headed by Winson Ong (far right), General Manager, Legal & Corporate Affairs that provided fun-filled entertainment to its residents.

Ampang Old Folks Home

Staff from Cosway and ADCAS having a good time with the residents.

ampang old folks home foot spa

An elderly resident getting treated to a foot spa by Danni Rais (left) and Dr Alice Lee (middle).

Dr Alice Lee (centre), Liang Sook Sook (next to Dr Alice Lee), Danni Rais (4th from left) and Cosway staff together with the residents celebrating Cosway’s 38th anniversary at the Home.

Penang & Kedah Flood Relief Donation Drive

Date: 13th November 2017

As part of Cosway’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, a flood relief donation drive was organised in aid of residents affected by the torrential storm that flooded the states of Penang and Kedah. We would like to convey a big thank you to our Cosway Community that reached out to support relief efforts for these flood victims. We donated much-needed items such as household cleaning products, fleece blankets and food items to help them get back on their feet. It is these meaningful gestures that make a big difference and it is our hope that it helps them recover from the devastating effects of the flood.