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Change of Policy & Procedure for Bonus and Redemption

In line with the company’s drive towards a “green” business model and to also enhance e-commerce in Cosway, we are pleased to announce policy and procedure changes to members’ bonus payments, statements, vouchers and redemption coupons. Please click “Read More” for the full announcement and details of these changes.

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New Registration Guideline

The new guideline and placement feature for new registrations are out effective 1st August. They will help facilitate a smoother transition from signing up new members to placing them accordingly.

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Launching of New Cosway Plan

It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of Cosway’s new Marketing Plan. Effective from 1st June 2016, you can look forward to new changes which include more Bonuses and Incentives, Special Discounted Sets with boosted SV/GV for new members, Travel Incentives, Renewal Incentives and the new Online Office.

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Launching of Online Office

The Cosway Member’s Online Office is going online soon, effective 1st June 2016. In line with our vision to serve you better, Cosway Online Office is created to ensure you enjoy a more seamless experience using the facilities and features available.

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