“One-time Password” (OTP) System Launching Soon

Dear members,

Effective 1st January 2018, the “One-time Password” (OTP) system for authorisation of specific transactions will be implemented. This “One-time Password” (OTP) is an additional security option to bolster the security of members’ transactions on top of the existing Secure PIN function.

For all the existing transactions that require Secure PIN, members now have the additional option to choose to complete the transaction by using OTP. The OTP system will send a unique OTP to members via SMS to the mobile phone number registered in our system. However, members are still allowed to use their current Secure PIN to perform certain transactions if they choose to do so.

In our previous announcement, we urged members to update or change their mobile phone number to the most current and accurate one via Online Office by 31st December 2017. When the OTP system is implemented, members will no longer be able to update their mobile phone number via their Online Office. Instead, members can only update their most current and accurate mobile phone number by contacting our Customer Service personnel via Message Centre in Online Office.

With this new feature in place, you can shop with peace of mind, knowing the security OTP SMS will only be sent to the intended receiver when it is triggered.


Thank you.

Cosway Management