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Mildura Dried Pomelo Peel 190g RM14.50 / RM15.50E
Mildura Cuttlefish Crisp 80g RM13.90 / RM14.90E
Mildura Crispy Seaweed Bite – Original 45g RM8.90 / RM9.90E
Mildura Crispy Seaweed Bite – Wasabi 45g RM8.90 / RM9.90E
Mildura Korean Seaweed with Bamboo Salt 12g RM6.50 / RM7.50E
Mildura Pudding with Nata De Coco – Assorted Flavours 120g x 6 RM8.50 / RM9.50E
Mildura Arare and Mixed Nuts 120g RM11.90 / RM12.90E
Mildura Dried Guava 190g RM10.90 / RM11.90E
Mildura Crispy Seaweed Twist 120g RM8.90 / RM9.90E
Mildura Chicken Floss Roll 160g RM11.50 / RM12.50E
Mildura Spicy Prawn Rolls 160g RM11.50 / RM12.50E
Mildura Dried Cranberries 120g RM11.90 / RM12.90E